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Review of Oasis of the Damned

Oasis of the Damned - Greg F. Gifune

4.5 rounded up!


Your worst nightmare? Hell on earth? Oasis of the Damned is a place that shouldn't exist. A deserted expanse of the Sahara that is completely uninhabited by human beings, except for one. Owens was stranded when his small passenger plane crashed and he was one of the four surviving victims. By the time Richter's helicopter crashes, Owens was the only survivor left from his party and had been alone for quite some time. Not exactly a fast friendship, Richter quickly learns of the nightmare she has landed herself into and what she will have to do in order to survive.


The story alternates between the desert and Richter’s dreams from the past., mostly involving her time spent as a soldier in Iraq and memories of her younger brother. As painful as those memories are, her waking hours may end up being far worse. In this hell on earth, Richter and Owens' days are spent sleeping (if they can) and their nights, fighting and killing what Owens roughly refers to as ghouls. Vaguely human-shaped creatures who are intent only on wiping them out and whose numbers seem to increase by the night.


Oasis of the Damned is a story that will haunt you far beyond the very last page of the book and Greg Gifune brilliantly pulls off what I've seen many authors attempt and fail: that thin line between dreams and reality that results in a not only coherent but brilliant prose.


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