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Review of Dark Screams: Volume One by Brian James Freeman

Dark Screams: Volume One - Brian James Freeman, Kelley Armstrong, Bill Pronzini, Simon Clark, Richard Chizmar, Stephen King

An admitted horror addict, I couldn’t wait for Dark Screams: Volume One to come out and thanks to NetGalley I didn’t have to wait all that long. I have a love/hate relationship with horror anthologies, and this one was no different for me. I really loved Weed’s by Stephen King and it was everything I have come to expect from his stories. The Price You Pay by Kelly Armstrong had a strong storyline and a satisfying ending, in my opinion. I enjoyed Magic Eyes by Bill Prozini but I have a penchant for crazy people and especially ones in loony bins. Murder in Chains was a decent slice of a story, although it felt to me like it was taken from the middle of a story and the randomness of it took away from the horror. I did not care for The Watched by Ramsey Campbell at all; the plotline and the writing both were underwhelming and the story seemed kind of pointless.


Overall I am giving this volume 4 stars, as there was more good in there than bad. Dark Screams includes some very big names in the horror industry and I am very much looking forward to reading the coming volumes.


I received Dark Screams: Volume One as an e-ARC from Netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion and that’s what you’ve got.


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