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Review of The Coyote by Michael McBride

The Coyote - Michael McBride, Don Kline

The Coyote by Michael McBride takes place in Tohono O’odham Nation reservation in Arizona. There appears to be a serial killer leaving blood paintings on rock walls on the reservation but missing the bodies that the blood belongs to. Special Agent Lukas Walker is brought in on the case, but not just for his extraordinary skills as an agent. This was his father’s homeland and these are his people; even if they are people he has never met before.


Reunited with an uncle and cousin he has never met, Walker is less than embraced with open arms. His father left his family seemingly without looking back and the resentment is still palpable from a people who are raised to take care of their family and honor their ancestors. It’s a life that Walker cannot imagine and a culture that is not his own, despite the color of his skin.


The killings are growing closer together. Each picture is slightly different. Each blood spill is from a different person. As the picture grows in details, the body counts are adding up, and no one knows how many more people will die before this killer that they have nicknamed “The Coyote” will finish it or if Walker can stop him before he does.


Written in the first person, McBride is one of the few authors that I feel pulls this off without it feeling forced or unbelievable.


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