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Review of Winterwood by J.G. Faherty

Winterwood (Childhood Fears) - JG Faherty

4.5 stars, rounded up.


Christmas in May? Yes, please. Winterwood will make you glad that it's almost summer and not anywhere near wintertime. Based on Icelandic folklore, this little tale of Yuletide horror is indeed every child's worst nightmare and may just be yours too. Anders grew up in the Black Forest of Germany with not only all of the old tales of the Holly King, Jólaköttur (the Yule cat), and Winterwood, but with the scars to prove that they exist. Now living in America with his less-than-superstitious daughter Anders is chastised for scaring his grandsons as he did Anna all of her life. Christmas is supposed to be fun and magical, filled with Santa and presents and joy... not with scary tales of Yule Lads snatching bad children and baking them into pies. Anna is adamant that her children not be traumatized. At least until they both disappear and Anna ends up in the midst of all of her father's "superstitions" come to life.


Whether you read this now or at Christmas, it will have you looking at the holiday in a whole new light and probably with a diminished desire to sit on Santa's lap. This horrific little bit of folklore is another great story by an author who has yet to disappoint me. I enjoyed this one very much.


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