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Review of Invisible Fences by Norman Prentiss

Invisible Fences - Steve Gilberts, Norman Prentiss, Keith Minnion

We are all afraid of something: heights, spiders, strangers, ourselves... I think for most people fear comes from experience, real life levels of aversion therapy. But some, some seem to be born afraid of their own shadow; it is as if there hasn't been a single safe place for them since they left the womb. For yet others, fear has been conditioned into them by other people and those other people are usually the ones who are supposed to be the safest place of all--our parents. Nathan is a product of his upbringing. The stories his parents telling him doing more than just keeping him from crossing a busy street or playing where he shouldn't. They lay the foundation for phobias he will carry with him into adulthood.


Not all fear is unfounded. However, in my experience, it's usually the things that take us by surprise that hit the hardest. The things that creep up on us while we are busy trying to secure our life from every other conceivable danger. Invisible Fences is a story of fear. It's a story of conditioning. It's a story about ghosts. Perhaps more 'literary macabre' than actual horror, this dark little novella is sure to satisfy both those who love the dark and those who simply don't want to feel alone in their neuroses. This is the first book I read from Norman Prentiss and still one of my favorites.


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