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Review of Masters of Blood and Bone by Craig Saunders

Masters of Bone and Blood - Craig Saunders

I'm not big on fantasy novels but I am big on Craig Sunders and I have to say that he pulled this one off quite well. The story is complex but not incomprehensible, which I appreciate. The writing is deep and thoughtful, witty and amusing, and all of Saunders that I am used to.


The story centers around Holland, a big fat ex-detective who can see dead people. Yes, like in The Sixth Sense. Sent by "Jane" to investigate a murder, he discovers a book - a Wizard's book. Holland knows the book is dark, but what he doesn't discover until after the fact--after his daughter Ank has read the book--is that the process of reading it unleashes what lies within and at a cost. With the wizard free and his daughter his replacement inside the book, Holland must figure out not only how to stop the Wizard (Solomon) but to get his daughter back.


There is a lot going on in Masters of Blood and Bone but every plot, every subplot only enhances the story. Craig Saunders is quickly becoming an author of all genres and has rocked all of the ones that I have read from him. Yes, I even bought his new romance novel, Days of Christmas, and I have no doubt that I will like it as well.


This ebook was provided to me by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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