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Review of Blindspot by Michael McBride

Blindspot: A Novella (Novella Series) - Michael McBride

The world is on the brink of World War III after an unplanned nuclear detonation in North Korea. Biomedical engineer, Dr. Parker Ramsey, believes he has discovered a way to see the last moments of a person's life before they die. Instead of taking his experiment to the next level and experimenting on his sheep, Dr. Ramsey finds himself on his way to not only the site of international strife but to testing his equipment on dead human beings killed in a refugee camp. Dr. Ramsey finds himself simultaneously faced with the breakthrough of his career and the greatest fight of his life, against things that cannot be unseen. Like most good novellas, my only complaint is that this one wasn't longer, however Michael McBride once again delivers an engrossing story of scientific horror. 


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