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Review of Angel of the Abyss by Ed Kurtz

Angel of the Abyss - Ed Kurtz

4.5 stars, rounded up.


Angel of the Abyss is film noir of the 1920's. In an era of silent films and film censoring, controversial Angel of the Abyss was meant to revolutionize the entire film industry. When the main star, Grace Baron, along with the film go missing shortly after production, all that is left of the Angel is rumors and myth.


It is 2013 and Graham Woodard is a film restoration specialist living in Boston. Out of the blue Graham receives a call from a woman claiming to have a reel from a film from the late 1920's that she would like restored, which happens to be the long-lost Angel of the Abyss. What starts out as the job of a lifetime quickly turns into a real life murder mystery where Graham is the unwitting star.


Add in a personal recommendation from his evil ex-wife, his feckless friend Jake Maitland, and a city that already spurned him once and what you have is one great story from Ed Kurtz.