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Review of "Quiet, Keeps to Himself" by Michael McBride

Quiet, Keeps to Himself - Michael McBride

A stellar short story collection, and Michael McBride's first, "Quiet, Keeps to Himself" was an awesome find on eBay for me. Published in 2011 by Thunderstorm Books, as to be expected, the book itself is quite beautiful.


Xibalba -  The Devil lives in the Yucatán Peninsula. A scientific exploration of a cenote, a natural sinkhole with underwater caverns, leads to the discovery of human remains 600 feet under the water. What starts out as a great discovery soon leads to unease when the amount of bones start piling up. Grant, whose main goal is to explore all of the underwater caverns he can, finds himself obsessed when he thinks he sees something under the water. Will his obsession lead to him sharing the same fate as those who came before him? Or is it all just superstition based on stories of human sacrifice to appease the Mayan gods?


The Evolution of God - Making a God. One bite at a time.


The Generosity of Strangers - How far would you go to help someone you've never met who calls you in the middle of the night threatening to kill themselves? What if you were their only hope? What if they called you every night with the same plight?


Zero - What if it was possible to replace missing limbs and damaged organs with vastly superior artificial replacements? When Brian receives the job of a lifetime assisting in the creation of the first artificial leg with an artificial blood supply and with the added perk of university paid for housing - he's over the moon. At least until his dog (Buck) starts acting strangely, people start appearing in his house, and he's unable to explain any of it. Sometimes progress requires sacrifice, but whose and at what cost?


The Shortstop - Do you believe in ghosts?


It Rips - "It tears." "It kills." "It rips." "It...?" You better hope "It" doesn't know where you live...


Postpartum - Is it depression? Insanity? Or something completely different...?


The Calm Before the Swarm - Dr. Lauren Allen works for the CDC. When she is sent to investigate the deaths of over 300 people at a circus from apparent wasp bites, she discovers more than just an infectious disease. What she finds is a genetically engineered wasp bred to kill and with the potential to annihilate the human race. Can they locate the source before it's too late? Or was it already too late the moment they were hatched?


The stories were excellent but what I also enjoyed about this collection were all of the extras included. The inspiration behind the stories. The additional information about the topics. A little more insight into the author. I bought it because it had stories that I couldn't read elsewhere but I love it because it's all Mike.


As a side note: Xibalba, Zero, and The Calm Before the Swarm can also be found in Mike's Category Five: Boxed Set available on Amazon.


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