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Review of Dark Screams: Volume Two

Dark Screams: Volume Two - Robert R. Mccammon, Richard Matheson, Brian James Freeman, Richard Chizmar

3.5 stars.

Dark Screams: Volume Two, like the first, is a decent horror anthology. Although I only really liked two stories out of the five, those two were pretty damn good. The Deep End by Robert R. McCammon was my first McCammon story and I enjoyed it very much. I have heard from McCammon fans that this wasn't his best but regardless, I liked it. The writing was good, the story line captivating and the ending....well, you will just have to read it to find out. The other one that I really liked was Interval by Norman Prentiss. I will fully admit that I am a fan of Norman Prentiss; there isn't anything I have read from him that I haven't liked. Interval was not an exception. It sort of reminded me of the movie Red Eye that came out a million years ago. I would say that both stories were worth your price of admission, whatever that may be.


I think that If These Walls Could Talk by Shawntelle Madison had potential, story-wise, but the writing was unremarkable and the most memorable lines from the story were "Holy S#!t." and "The cops aren't coming!" I realize it is a short story but there were several background stories that were touched upon but not enough to really give the story any sense of credibility or depth.


The Night Hider by Graham Masterson wasn't bad. It wasn't my favorite. The initial storyline was strong. I loved the premise and the writing was decent. However I felt that the story midway through veered towards the ridiculous and never got back on track. I found the ending disappointing.


Whatever by Richard Christian Matheson: There aren't words. There aren't any nice words that I can come up for, for this one. It may be the worst (longer) short story I have ever read. The entire thing reminded me of that old 80's commercial: "This is your brain." "This is your brain on drugs." Except, the commercial made a lot more sense.

That said, I have never seen an anthology containing different authors where I liked all of the stories. I intend to read the next ones that come out because Dark Screams so far has been good for at least two (or three) very strong stories per volume and that's still really good.


I received this as an e-ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.



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