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Review of The Event by Michael McBride

The Event - Michael McBride

A brilliant, hands down 5-star read. Although CONDEMNED is still my favorite by McBride, this one ranks pretty high on my list.


"With an expulsion of gas, the screams of the living metamorphose into the screams of the dying." A deadly attack at the New York Stock Exchange perhaps only rivaled by 9/11 is the result of an angsty teenage boy....or is it? Special Agent Renee Lawson has covered several other mass killings in the last 5 years that all seem to be connected. Without any conclusive evidence of who is perpetrating these horrific attacks, Lawton's only hope is catching this someone before they strike again.


In a world where mass killings and senseless violence are an every day occurrence, The Event hits home on so many levels. No one is safe and no amount of money can save you...


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