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Review of Dead Roses: Five Dark Tales of Twisted Love

Dead Roses: Five Dark Tales of Twisted Love - Jason Parent, Evans Light, Gregor Xane, Adam   Light, Edward Lorn, Mike Tenebrae

Dead Roses: Five Dark Tales of Twisted Love is from the same awesome guys who brought us Bad Apples: Five Slices of Halloween Horror; an awesome anthology if you haven't already read it. 

Eleanor, by Jason Parent: When a disfigured baby is dropped at his door, Father Stuart McKenzie doesn't know what to do other than take it in. Figuring it is a sign from God, he raises Eleanor as his daughter but unbeknownst to the rest of his congregation for the fear of the repercussions that would come with anyone seeing her. As much as he loved her, even he couldn't bear to look at her and made her wear a mask to cover her deformities. As Eleanor grows older she starts wanting the only thing that he can't... shouldn't... give her. 

Love Lies in Eyes, by Evans Light: When Nathan meets the girl of his dreams not once but twice, he decides then and there to never let her go. Fortunately for Nathan, Eve wants the same thing and makes him promise to be hers forever. Life is good until Eve starts suffocating him and he has to let her go. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be one of his options...

Panacea, by Adam Light: Rob and Molly have been together since they were young. Still very much in love, Rob is left to face the possibility of life without her as Molly is dying from cancer. But what if there was a cure? A Panacea? Would you not give anything for the one that you loved and would it not be worth it if you could have them for just a little bit longer? 

Cinder Block, by Edward Lorn: Toby's dad is gone and his mother is a whore. When Toby finally finds someone he loves he will do anything to make sure that no one gets between them, no matter what. Love may not last forever but Cinder Blocks do. 

Loving the Goat, by Gregor Xane: Gregor loves his goats and so does Bill Capra, a graphic artist who can't get enough of them. Literally. When Bill finally tracks down the thing he wants most in life, he goes after it with reckless abandon. He will be ridiculed and shunned for his love no more! Right?

Great stories. Great authors. Buy it. Read it. Love it. Just don't let Gregor catch you loving the goats--those are his


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