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Review of Burnt Offerings by Robert Marasco

Burnt Offerings (Valancourt 20th Century Classics) - Robert Marasco, Stephen Graham Jones

Burnt Offerings, by Robert Marasco, is far from your typical haunted house story. Ben and Marian Rolfe decide to get away from the city for the summer with their son David and aunt Elizabeth. When Marian finds an ad to rent a mansion in the country for the summer at a reasonable price, it seems too good to be true. Ben is suspicious but Marian, always the optimist, believes that the house is fate—that they are meant to have it, and Marian is unusually insistent upon this. Ben reluctantly agrees to go look at this house they cannot possibly afford, if only to prove his point.


The house is everything Marian imagined and more. The Allardyces’, Roz and Brother, however, are beyond strange. And there’s a catch… The house is indeed reasonably priced but comes with the Allardyces’ elderly mother. Their mother who is said to never leave her room and who only needs three meals a day. It’s an odd request but one that Marian doesn’t think unreasonable for the use of such a lavish house to live in for the summer. For the use of a house that is everything she has ever wanted.


A classic, slow burning tale of the things that consume us and the things we are willing to sacrifice to have it all. Robert Marasco is a man who knew obsession. He is a man who understood a level of insanity that I sincerely hope never to attain. A well written story with an ending that won’t disappoint, I highly recommend this one.


I received this e-book from Valancourt Books in exchange for an honest review.


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