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Review of Vector Borne by Michael McBride

Vector Borne - Michael McBride

For those who love Burial Ground, Vector Borne by Michael McBride is another awesome thriller from one of the horror genre's best authors.


12 years ago scientists discover odd humanoid remains in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, that are the first of its kind. 5 years later, very similar remains are discovered in Quang Nam Province, Vietnam. Three years after that another one is discovered in Guatemala. 5 months ago yet another is discovered in Zambia. What is becoming clear with each find is that "Chaco Man," obviously named after the original discovery, could very well be the next step in human evolution.


It's present day and in the Feni Islands, South Pacific Ocean, 52 km East of New Ireland, Papua New Guinea, and an earthquake-induced tsunami has devastated the region. A research boat sinks off of the coast and when the rescue team shows up, it's very quickly obvious that this wasn't entirely accidental. Whatever took down the ship is still out there and it's hunting them...


I wish that I had half of this man's writing ability. McBride takes you on another adventure in the South Pacific, one that will terrify and enthrall you at the same time.



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