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Review of Milk-Blood: A Tale of Urban Horror by Mark Matthews

Milk-Blood - Mark  Matthews, Richard Thomas, Elderlemon Design

"This is how it's going to be."


How do you measure horror? It depends on where you're from. For 10 year old Lilly, who has never known anything else, it would probably be measured in the sum of her years. Born in the slums of Detroit, with a defective heart and almost zero chance of survival, the least of Lilly's concerns is the street she lives on. She knows this street and the street knows her... better than she could possibly know.


"You do the best with what you got. That's what we do."


Life is hard for Lilly's father Zach, who alone takes care of both Lilly and his ailing elderly mother. There's never enough food, never enough money. The welfare and social security checks just aren't enough to feed three bellies and Zach's habits. Zach is no saint, but he's doing the best he can with what he's got.


"The bathroom is a slaughterhouse. You need to be careful there."


When Lilly's life collides (not-so-accidentally) with Jervis, the schizophrenic who lives in the burned-out house across the street, it unleashes an evil that was never meant to unburied, better known as Lilly's mother.

Who says that the monsters without are scarier than the monsters within? The horrors that await Lilly are nothing compared to her daily struggle just to stay alive. To this imitation of life on a street that bleeds hell. That hemorrhages it. The real horror is not always that which takes away life. It's that endless chasm of a life from which there is no release. From a mental and physical anguish that cannot be extinguished.


Milk-Blood just became one of the top books I read this year from an author whose prose I am in love with.


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