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Review of The Godgame (#1) by Keith Deininger

The Godgame - Keith Deininger

How do you sum up a world? From our brilliant storyteller, Keith Deininger, we have The Godgame, a full-immersion plunge into a fantastical world known as Meridian. First introduced in the book Shadow Animals ( a personal favorite of mine), we delve straight down the rabbit hole - and we keep on going. Although that is the only Alice in Wonderland comparison I can give you, because this is not your children's bedtime story.


The Godgame is partially horror, all fantasy and entirely entertaining. Keith does an excellent job of not only bringing each one of his characters to life but also seamlessly interweaving them into his world. There are no generic personalities here. Every character is entirely original and viewed from Keith Deininger's unique and often quirky perspective. The majority of the story in the Godgame takes place between the city of Talos and the small village of Fallowvane. Talos is the a technologically advanced mecca under the rule of the The Archon and the mystical and violent hallowgeons. Fallowvane is a small farming village inhabited by the Novan's, who for the most part reject the teachings of the Talosians. As rumors of unrest and a war against Nova are spreading, so is the tension between the two and a war, intentional or not, may just be unavoidable.


If you enjoyed Shadow Animals, The Godgame will be the icing on your cake. The first in a series of (at least) six books, I am very much looking forward to what Keith has in store for us in the series.


I received a free copy of this book in return for my honest opinion and there you have it.



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