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Review of Zero Lives Remaining by Adam Cesare

Zero Lives Remaining - Nick Gucker, Adam Cesare, Frank Walls, K. Allen Wood

I originally figured on 4.5 stars, but thinking about it, this book makes me so happy, it needs to be 5.

I ordered Shock Totem's limited edition hardcover because it was awesome. I hadn't heard of Adam Cesare but the VHS tape cover and box were too much for this horror geek to pass up. It is, without question, the coolest looking book on my shelf. The second best thing was when the e-book came out and I didn't have to mess with my good copy in order to read it.


"Robby Asaro is dead."


"And alive."


When Robby is baked alive in his favorite pizza oven at FunCave, his life, his real life, begins. Haunting the arcade (not a bad deal if I say so myself), Robby has his favorite games, his favorite customers and the not-so-afterlife isn't so bad. At least until he inadvertently sets off a chain-reaction that results in more than the loss of virtual lives at FunCave. When FunCave becomes a horror cave, is there anything that can stop this supernatural killing spree?


This novella reminds me of a song by Tori Amos called The Glory of the 80's. Adam Cesare has pegged an era and given it all of the nostalgia of a classic 80's movie. It makes me wish (minus the bloodbath) that I had a FunCave in my childhood. I loved reading this and I did finally open my hardcover so that I could read the bonus story at the end, which was also fantastic.



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