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Review of Black Cat Mojo by Adam Howe

Black Cat Mojo - Adam Howe

After reading and enjoying every bit of Die Dog or Eat the Hatchet, I devoured Black Cat Mojo like Belladonna devours Rummy in Of Badgers and Porn Dwarfs. Adam has set the bar pretty damn high with Die Dog, but as Adam's first anthology, Black Cat Mojo is also pretty freaking awesome. 

The first two stories were my favorite in this collection. Of Badgers and Porn Stars immediately hits it out of the park. Rummy Rumsfeld is a porn star midget with a long schlong and erectile dysfunction. Add in some gambling debt, a badger and a very traumatizing scene with "Momma" and you may wish you stuck to regular dwarf porn. Just kidding. You want to read this. Jesus In a Dog's Ass was unsurprisingly blasphemous and entirely enjoyable. This one doesn't need much more explanation, the title says (almost) it all. 

The third story, Frank, The Snake & The Snake is the only story that I was less than in love with. It was not bad by any means, I just found it longer and maybe less amusing than the others. I did very much enjoy the ending. If you ever wanted to be a gangster, are scared of snakes, or have a fascination with drugs, this story is for you. The Mad Butcher of Plainfields Chariot Of Death is a perfectly short and adequately disturbing ending to this little package of vileness and debauchery. And immense amounts of fun. 

Adam Howe is an author I recently discovered and one who needs to write more stories (for me), ASAP, because I'm out of them. I highly recommend reading anything by Adam that you can get your hands on and bugging him via e-mail (stalking hasn't been cute since he sent me the restraining order) to demand (encourage) that he produce more. 

I received this book directly from the author himself in exchange for an honest review.


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