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Review of Pressure by Brian Keene.

Pressure - Brian Keene

This was my first actual read from Brian Keene, which I'm slightly ashamed to admit to since I own several of his books in hard copy and he signed a few of them personally for me at a convention. Anyways, I shall be putting all other reading on hold until I catch up on some Keene.


I would say that Brian Keene lives up to his hype. While not quite flawless, his pacing is steady and his storyline solid. I wasn't quite as disappointed as other readers that there wasn't more of a focus on the sea creature because I quite enjoyed the rest of the story as well. This book was closer to Deep Blue Sea than to Jaws and overall more suspenseful than gory. The beginning and the end of this book were amazing. If the tone of this book had been carried throughout, this would have undoubtedly been a 5-star read.


This book reads quickly while still giving you all of the elements of a great story. If Mr. Keene ever reads this I am humbly putting in my request for a sequel.


I received an e-ARC of this book from NetGalley and St. Martin's Press in exchange for an honest review.