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Review of Disappearance At Devil's Rock by Paul Tremblay

Disappearance at Devil's Rock: A Novel - Paul Tremblay

Disappearance at Devil's Rock is the second book I have read by Paul Tremblay and it did not disappoint. Tremblay is one of the few authors I have found who can take a story line that you think you have read ad nauseam and make it entirely his own. The clue that I think that I have when I begin the story, just left me in the dust.


Three teenage boys go out into the woods. Only two come out. When Tommy Sanderson goes missing, it is almost as if the night itself has swallowed him whole. When strange things start happening around the park and outside of people's windows near the park at night, the re-named Devil's Rock may be more than just a name forged from some middle school superstition...


"Hear not my steps, which way they walk, for fear the very stones prate my whereabout - and take the present horror from this moment which now suits it." - MacBeth.


This book had me guessing nearly until the end. Written in a style that is engrossing and subtly poignant, Tremblay's prose is one that you won't soon forget. I, for one, can't wait to see what he has for us next.


I received a copy of this book from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review and here it is.


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