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Review Hollow House by Greg Chapman

Hollow House - Greg Chapman

Hollow House is my second read from Greg Chapman and I would just like to say that this man writes exactly what I like to read. I was hooked from page one, and that hasn't happened with too many books for me; I'm typically a little slow to warm up to a new story.


The moment I saw "haunted house" I knew I had to have this and I can honestly say that this is one of the top haunted house stories I have ever read. I won't say that it's classic or that it's typical because it's not. The Kemper house is an entity entirely of its own making and the overwhelming smell of death that it emits is only the beginning of what the house has in store for the residents of Willow Street. Hollow House will change the way you look at that empty house in your neighborhood, the one you maybe forget to notice, the one that may be noticing you...


I cannot give this a higher recommendation. I will definitely be re-reading this sometime soon and suggest that you get your own copy as soon as possible. My hope for this book is movie rights (this would make a wicked scary movie) and a nice signed/limited edition for my bookshelf (hint, hint: Greg). Otherwise, what are you waiting for? :)


I received an e-ARC of this book from Omnium Gatherum in exchange for an honest review.


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