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Review of Odd Man Out by James Newman

Odd Man Out - Pete Kahle, James R. Newman

Odd Man Out by James Newman is for the faint of heart. It's for the bigots and the racists and it's also for the humanitarians, for people who do their best to be good people. It's for anyone who has ever had oxygen in their lungs and blood in their veins. It's a story that could be yours or mine...


It's a story of summer camp in the late 80's; of a group of teenage boys all vying to be leader of the pack, or at least not the lowest ranked; of that awkward stage when they're not quite children but not yet men. One of them has a secret and it's about to call into question everything they and perhaps you believe.


If there is one book that every person should have to read, this is the one. Everyone reads The Diary of Anne Frank, which shows you hate on a larger scale. Odd Man Out is that same hate but on a smaller scale and much closer to home. It's a hate that every minority, every disabled person, every person with any definable characteristic that can be singled out has to worry about whenever they leave their house, open their mouth, let their guard down... because their existing may offend the wrong person at the wrong time.


I am not new to James' name, as he's obviously big in the horror genre. However, as someone who only this year got around to reading my first book by him, I can already tell you that I love his writing style and will hopefully be adding to my Newman pile very soon.


I received a copy of this directly from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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