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Review of The Listener by Robert McCammon

The Listener - Robert R. McCammon

     The Listener was actually the first book that I had read by Robert McCammon. I have heard the name almost since I started reading horror, but he was always in my “someday” pile, which I had meant to get to a lot sooner. I now understand why literally everyone I know raves about his writing, because he lives up to the hype.


            I will admit that the story started off a bit slow for me. I spent the first probably quarter of it thinking that it wasn’t really my thing, and that perhaps everyone else was mistaken. I can’t remember what part of the book it was that grabbed me, but once it did, I couldn’t put it down. I wanted to read until my eyes bugged out, and fell asleep a few times, and dropped my precious ARC onto the floor. Eek! I’m not a fan of writing a book report into my review, so I won’t. I will say that the ending still haunts me.


            I am only sorry that I did not start reading Robert McCammon’s work sooner, but shall be rectifying my neglect of this as soon as possible. If you aren’t reading McCammon, you need to be, and I would highly recommend starting here.


            I received an ARC of The Listener from Cemetery Dance as an advanced review copy, and as my copy came in the mail yesterday, I am apparently a bit behind in posting my review.


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