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Review of The Narrator by Norman Prentiss & Michael McBride

The Narrator - Norman Prentiss & Michael McBride

Awesome. Freaking. Book. So intelligent, I know. 

The Narrator is a novella that centers around a teacher and her sixth grade class. When some of the children in Julia's class start to act strange, she begins to suspect that Abbie, her almost-too-perfect-student who irritates her in a way that she can't quite put her finger on, has something to do with it. From Robbie's sudden dementia-like wandering to Anna's suddenly-increased and all-consuming OCD tapping, it's as if someone is taking her kid's mild issues and amplifying them. The story weaves between the classroom and the tales, each of which is adequately spooky and specifically tailored to wreak havoc. Julia soon finds herself in a battle of wills with a sixth grader.

This is my first read from Norman Prentiss and it definitely won't be my last, the entire story was great. I already loved Michael McBride before this, but this book just makes me love him even more.


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